There are no accidents.

In this age of instant information, the role of the sales person as a source of information is over. Dead, gone and buried. Customers don't need sales people for information any more. They have all the info they could ever want at their fingertips. Competent sales people (ie with product knowledge and process competency) offer no real value to a client as everything they can offer is … Finish reading.

The opinions of others.

The current shotgun approach to marketing and communications needs to evolve. In my opinion, the vagueness of current mainstream marketing media is driven by a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) and so they are now just competing with each other to see who's ad can be bigger, brighter and have more tech or special CGI effects - but have completely forgotten the customer. If you took all the similar … Finish reading.

Engagement in High Definition.

If I want to buy a new TV for my lounge, the first thing I'll look at is how big the TV can be. I could measure the space allocated for the TV and then decide on the size required. That's the first step and this dictates my search parameters in the general product class. If my choice was a 60" TV, then I would go to Google and look for a 60" TV. I hit 'search' and BANG! I have 20 … Finish reading.

Music to my ears.

Music adviser- Scenario 1: A music store wants to bring more customers through the doors. They contact a radio station that operates in their area and agree on an airtime package. They write some copy and produce the advert. The advert speaks about the size of the store, the amazing range of musical and audio equipment and then offers them the website address for reference. It is played … Finish reading.

The Fish Pond has evolved.

Evolution of the customer fish pond. Once upon a time, the school of customer fish was a large silvery grey mass, some darker grey, some lighter silver, but pretty much the same all swimming the same stretch of ocean year after year. The advent of limitless information available at the touch of a fingertip has allowed the individual to achieve something for the first time. A greater and … Finish reading.

The Force is Strong with This One.

It's all about value. Specific Relevant Value. That's the key to successful customer engagement. We can no longer 'pitch' or sell. We have to engage the customer in conversation, to develop trust so that they will tell us what they want and WHY they want it. How they want to use it and the critical criteria that must be met to assure the transaction's success with us. You cannot start … Finish reading.